open-room-2 Salt Room: $55 (45  min session) This is a room that seats up to 5 people at one time. We have provided you with a beach like environment with pink Himalayan salt on the floor and pink Himalayan bricks along the bottom of the walls. Coupled with our comfortable zero-gravity chairs, this environment is sure to allow deep relaxation and wellness.

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Along with the 4 zero-gravity chairs, this environment also contains a meditation chair. Yes you are sitting upright however, this chair is energetically super charged with pyramids, crystal grids and orgone energy. This is the perfect seat for re-balancing your energy and aligning your chakras.

You can choose to listen to our ambient oceanic music throughout the room or listen to our sound healing library through head phones which includes brain wave therapy, self hypnosis, theta sounds and many more healing modalities to choose from. You are also welcome to use ear plugs for silence (complimentary).

The environment is designed to enhance your experience. The temperature and humidity are maintained for optimal treatment conditions. The lights will dim allowing for the color therapy in the room to begin. Each chair has blackening eye mask if you prefer complete isolation. Many people like to close their eyes and meditate. All sessions last for 45 minutes. It is common to taste a hint of salt on your lips. You will feel relaxed and energized after your session.

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